Spot the difference!

Spot the difference!

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Let' s Go Pitt
Let' s Go Pitt



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A pay version was made a free version.
Only the stricken area sincerely wishes the safety without. Adobe Flash Player を取得

HereIt is possible to obtain it.

(C) i-DEAL
The sound is emitted and note the volume about this game, please.
When the sound is erased, it is possible to erase it with the speaker icon of the game screen.

nukoAbout the copyrightnuko
All the characters etc. that accompany the source and the game of this game belong to the i-DEAL
However, because the source and the material have been opened to the public, use by the non-commercial purpose is authorized.

I will as follows describe details about the use permission of a non-commercial purpose and a business purpose.

nukoAbout the copyright (non-commercial purpose of use)nuko
When you use this game source and the character
・The second production that uses source and character and the opening to the public
・The purpose of the non-commercial use of it is possible to come opening to the public on the site of the affiliate purpose that individual externals have managed and use by individual externals are completely free.
- Use that offends public order and morals lets me refuse.
- It doesn't guarantee to all damage and the losses that originate in the thing using this source and other material.

Moreover, in indispensability when using it
^ with which staff who works hard that you can inform address hereafter and made it is pleased

My best regards. m(__)m

nukoAbout the copyright (commercial use purpose)nuko
I am allowed to assume the consultation and contact the following addresses, please when a business purpose and the enterprise use it.

nukoExemption mattersnuko
This site is used, and our company is not guaranteeing to all damage and the losses that originate in the thing that the material and the source of this game used. Please acknowledge it.

nukoAbout the linknuko
・As a rule, the link to this site is free.
・It links with top page without fail, please. (
・Please refrain from the direct link to swf.

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